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Chouette's® mission is to simplify women's lives, with an innovative, all-in-one, luxury handbag.

With travel space at an ever-reducing premium, Chouette® offers one bag that transitions from a roomy tote to an elegant evening bag - or up to 18 or more other styles - within a few minutes.

Chouette® is the fashionable “gotta have it” designer bag that easily converts into the practical “really need it” tote bag we all grab when in doubt .

You can have it all in one bag! The perfect union of style and function, each bag is meticulously handcrafted from only the finest quality faux leathers, sumptuous leathers, rich imported tapestry fabric, luxuriant faux furs and other high quality fabrics and hardware.

The inside and outside of each bag are dramatically different from each other in both fabric and design. One side has a box bottom with metal feet, and the other side’s corners are drawn up into stylish metal ring closures. Removable and changeable handles allow easy conversions. The bag can be worn full length on either side as a perfect-sized tote, capable of holding all your purse contents, as well as books, magazines, water bottle, umbrella, or whatever you need for shopping, travel, commute, or weekend.

18 Styles in One Handbag
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On either side, the bag top can be folded over the front of the bag at several different levels, to form a smaller bag with an intriguing contrasting cuff from the inside fabric. The handles attach to grommets at whatever fold level you choose. This makes your tote bag magically transform into a different style bag for any whim or reason. When you turn the bag inside out and fold over the cuff the same way, the look is reversed, and creates a totally different appearance.

On either side, the top of the bag can also be folded to the inside of the bag, leaving a sleek chic, single-fabric small bag, suitable for evening wear. The same can be done when the bag is turned to the reverse side; the small bag has yet a different look.

Each Chouette® Sac comes with a matching attachable interior pouche for your wallet, cosmetics, iPod, and/or cell phone. The zipped pouch is suitable to wear on the outside of the bag, as well, as is popular with Parisian women. It is just the right size for a small “grab and go” bag when worn as a wristlet or small shoulder bag and perfect as an almost weightless bag when dancing.

Removable leather handles come with each bag.

To download printable versions of our transitions, please visit our Press Page.

18 Styles in One Handbag




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USA Made.   PATENTED: US Patent Nos. D596851,D596852,D596853,D596854,D596844,D596845,D596846,D596847,D596848,D599545,Utility 589,535.   CHOUETTE® is a Registered Trademark.   Copyright © 2008 Chouette Handbags
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